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Make the Move to a New Commercial Space

A new location can take you where you need to go, putting you right in the middle of things or keeping you far away. A bigger location can accommodate your growing business or a give fresh look to reenergize your staff. Need a commercial space, but don’t have time to [...]

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How To Determine The Length Of Your Office Lease

At first glance, determining the length of your office lease seems like a simple enough process. There are long term leases and leases which are short term, with both options having advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes shorter leases are best, while other times it is better to get a long term [...]

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Office Building Tips For Maximizing On Lease Bargains

What happens when you found out that a number of office buildings are simultaneously offering attractive leasing deals to your lease applications? It's natural to feel at a loss on how to decide on your ultimate choice. The most important thing to do at such instances is focusing on the [...]

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How To Shift From One Warehouse To Another Warehouse

Warehouses are essential as they offer storagespace to business people who play a vital role in the supply and distribution of goods among other things. Therefore, it is important to know what exactly falls into place to make shifting easy and manageable. Adequate knowledge of how to go about warehouse [...]

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Why Investors Love Multi-Tenant Industrial Properties

As an investor, you will always love the idea of using property all to yourself. This is because of the fact that you do not want to be disturbed by other tenants within that property. But to some other investors, multi-tenant industrial properties are the ones to choose. There are [...]

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How To Set Up An Effective Warehouse For Your Business

Warehouses come in two basic varieties, and these are purpose built warehouses and existing warehouses which are inherited. Purpose-built warehouses provide the advantage of being constructed with certain specifications in mind, while existing warehouses tend to be more cost effective. Regardless of the option you choose, there are many steps [...]

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