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How is the Commercial Real estate market in Toronto?

This is a question that I am often asked when I meet someone, and I tell them that I am a commercial real estate agent. The answer really depends on what market we are talking about i.e office , industrial, investment, suburban downtown, etc and from who’s perspective- Landlord , [...]

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Commercial Real Estate in Toronto Q2 2019

The Commercial real estate market in Toronto has two main subcategories: the office market and the industrial market. The city of Toronto has seen significant employment gains this year adding 50,800 new jobs over the first 2 months of 2019. This employment growth combined with increased demands from technology related [...]

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Office Space for Lease in Toronto:  How Rentable and Usable Areas can Impact Your Bottom Line

When looking for your ideal office space in the Toronto Area, there are many things to consider. Office space for lease consists of various types of space, including corridors, elevator shafts, common meeting areas, stairways, and lobbies. With the value of space in the market already quite high, it’s essential [...]

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Commercial Tenancies Act

As a landlord or tenant involved with commercial space (i.e. office space, industrial space, storefront) for lease in Toronto, the GTA, or Ontario, it is important to have an understanding of the Commercial Tenancies Act. While many of us have personally dealt with the residential side of the act, there [...]

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Toronto Industrial Market Update – 2018

Industrial space for lease in Toronto continues to be extremely sought after, and there is currently a major tightening in the market. To fully understand this change in the market we must look at such things as how sale prices and lease rates have changed, new developments in the area, [...]

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Tech Trends: The Rise of Smart Buildings

Big data has been dominating the corporate world for the last decade and recently, the commercial real estate sector has been experiencing a trend towards “smart buildings”. These buildings use data as a foundation to increase connectivity and enhance functional aspects in a dynamic way. The objective is to increase [...]

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How To Use Your Work Place to Attract And Retain Quality Personnel.

The ability to attract and retain highly skilled talent has become integral to the success of many companies and is often a key competitive advantage. Today’s workplace is highly competitive for many types of skilled professionals in the Toronto area. Many executives are wondering how they can use their commercial real [...]

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A Look At Why Toronto Is A Growing Tech Market

It’s no secret that Toronto is one of North America’s fastest growing tech markets of the moment. This is growth has been possible because of an excellent local labour pool, relative affordability for companies to operate, Canada’s programs to attract talent from all over the world and very competitive costs for commercial real [...]

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