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3 Considerations for Your New Office Space

Are you looking for office space? Make sure you consider the following before purchasing: Function Don’t make the mistake of buying more space than you need. If you have a relatively small company, you want to make sure that your employees aren’t inconvenienced by having to walk all the way across the office for a break room or meeting room. …

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What to Look For in a Commercial Realtor

When acquiring commercial real estate in Toronto, you may find yourself needing a Commercial Realtor. An agency legally must look after the best interest of the person they represent. When you choose your agent, you should look for the following attributes: Honesty and integrity High professional standards Proper representation Professional customer service Someone who’s working for you Loyalty has …

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New Year, New Start

With the new year comes many new year’s resolutions. Lose weight, eat healthier, fall in love, etc. But what about new year’s resolutions for your business? Do you want to re-brand? Are you looking to hire additional employees? Whether you’ve been waiting for a while or have just started to consider it, moving to a new space can help you …

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Make the Move to a New Commercial Space

Downtown Toronto Canada Business Buildings

A new location can take you where you need to go, putting you right in the middle of things or keeping you far away. A bigger location can accommodate your growing business or a give fresh look to reenergize your staff. Need a commercial space, but don’t have time to look on your own? Commercial Space is a team …

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Choosing the Best Commercial Real Estate in Toronto

If you are looking for commercial real estate in Toronto you have come to the right place! Industrial, office and commercial space are our specialties. The following are reasons why we are the best in the Toronto commercial real estate industry: We have access to thousands of commercial properties throughout Toronto. We get you the necessary information fast and we …

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How Can I Add Value To My Commercial Property?

More people are realizing the potential in investing in commercial real estate. It has continued to be an attractive and lucrative business that is ever growing. If you are a business person who owns a commercial property, you need to keep up with the growing demand for small businesses that are ever increasing in the market. One way to ensure …

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How To Negotiate A Commercial Lease That Favors You As A Renter

You probably have a business idea that you have been toying around with in your head for the last few months but now feel you need to make the dream a reality. When you decide on what business you want to invest in, the next step is to get an ideal location that will work for your business. You can …

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Rules That Commercial Landlords Need To Follow When Evicting Tenants

The law usually gives the landlord and tenants an equal power when it comes to matters pertaining a lease agreement. That means as much as you own a commercial property, you have no right to wake up one morning and decide to evict a tenant without probable cause. Even when there is probable cause, you need to follow a set …

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How To Maximize The Use Of A Small Office On A Tight Budget

Are you looking for an office space within your budget? Check online for companies which specialize in getting tenants the best office spaces within your budget. Work with a company that has extensive experience in dealing with industrial space for rent in Toronto. Such a company will know where exactly to place you once you explain the nature of your …

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Understanding The Difference Between Warehouse Space And Industrial Space

When you hear the terms ‘warehouse space’ and ‘industrial space’, you will definitely get the idea that the two refer to the same thing. If that is case, you are not actually the only one who thinks that these two terms mean the same thing. This is because many people confuse the two terms. It is important to know the …

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