• How A Leased Industrial Space Can Help Make Your Business More Successful

    Increasing productivity and facilitating growth are some of the most important goals of every industrial enterprise. Every business person wants to succeed; however, there is more to it than meets the eye. For this to happen, the business entity must have the right employees in its employ, use the correct tools and also environment for the wanted success to come …

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  • Should You Own Or Lease Office Space For Your Business?

    The majority of small business owners can afford to lease office or retail space when they are just starting out. Leasing unfortunately consumes a larger part of their monthly budget. However, money is not the only reason to select renting over owning a business premises. To determine whether buying or leasing would work better for your case, consider the following …

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  • Understanding The Pertinent Factors Involved In Renting An Office Space

    When a medium-sized business is planning to move to a new location, it stirs both trepidation and excitement among the management as well as employees. The relocation in most cases affects the customers either positively or negatively. By taking into account all the aspects that determine which office space is best suited for business operations, the management is able to …

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  • Considerations for Leasing Office Space in Toronto

    Operating a business from home has so many disadvantages, including the fact that creditors and investors may not take you seriously when you need them. The cost of real estate on the other hand is not as inviting for a small business. This means that it is likely that your best bet at the moment would be to lease an …

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  • 4 Tips For Your Toronto Warehouse Operation

    Buying a factory is not always an easy decision, most people would argue that the manufacturing industry is rather limited in its potential as a good investment. However, the truth depends on the line of business that you are choosing. With the right amount of research, you should be able to turn out a really good profit with your first …

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  • Commercial Property Purchase Negotiations – 6 Tips

    You have just found a commercial property to use for operating your business, and are now ready to start the purchase negotiations. Unfortunately, negotiating the purchase of a commercial property can be a tricky business. There is simply too much to consider, including whether the asset has tenancy in place and the leasing terms, whether the yield is commensurate with …

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  • Leasing Vs. Purchasing Industrial Property

    Perhaps your industrial entity has outgrown the space available and you now need more industrial space to house your business. Now the question is, should you buy a property outright or lease a property to cater for the increased business needs? The decision about whether to lease or buy an industrial property often is far more complex than purchasing a …

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  • Tenant Responsibilities In A Warehouse Lease

    As a tenant in a warehousing space, you have to remember that you and the landlord have responsibilities to play. These responsibilities include those that pertain to the lease execution process as well as those that you need to do once you have occupied the warehouse. Here is a list of the duties that you must take note of. Your …

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  • To Lease Or Not To Lease Office Space? That is The Question!

    Many times, business owners are caught in between whether they should buy office space or lease one instead. With many different reasons in mind, they still end up questioning what the best choice is. So we reiterate the question: To lease or not to lease office space? Let us see which amongst these options offer the better choice over the …

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  • Top Reasons To Choose Commercial Property Over Residential Property

    Residential properties have their appeal. In fact, the one you own now is something you can rent out to a tenant later. The same is true though when you consider investing in commercial buildings instead. These ones can offer a wide array of options for you and your tenants too. For those of you wanting to rent out your property …

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A Look At The Final Steps In The Office Building Leasing Process

What Makes An Office Space Ideal For Business?

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