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Commercial Real Estate in Toronto

Three Reasons Why Our Users Love Us:

1 Our Huge Database of Commercial Real Estate in Toronto

We consider our proprietary data base of industrial and office spaces in the Greater Toronto Area to be the most comprehensive in industry. We have access to literally thousands of office and industrial properties for sale or lease. Many of these are not listed with a broker or are not MLS commercial listings. We don’t just provide our own CBRE property listings, we co-operate with all real estate brokers, developers and property managers in the Toronto area to help ensure that we can provide you with as many suitable options as possible. We also track an extensive amount of market data including net lease rates, sale prices, TMI costs, vacancy rates, new building construction and trends which can help your company make intelligent and informed real estate decisions in any market in the GTA.

2We are fast!

We know that when you are looking for Commercial Real Estate in Toronto that you want information fast. We get it. If you are looking for a industrial  space warehouse space office space, or a building land or properties for lease rent or sale in the Toronto Mississauga Vaughan or Markham areas we can help. If you have an upcoming lease expiry and you are want to become educated on net rental rates or sale prices we can quickly provide you with a comprehensive survey of properties listings customized to your unique requirements. Our market intelligence extends across the GTA including the municipalities of Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Toronto, Vaughan, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering Ontario. The mistake that we see firms make most often in undertaking a lease renewal or relocation is that they don’t begin the process early enough. In order to ensure that lease renewal notice periods are met when renewing a lease and to help ensure that we find the best industrial or office property you should get started early. So let’s get started now! We promise to be fast.

3We Put The Tenant First

We are Tenant Advisory Professionals. Unlike most agents, we specialize in working on behalf of tenants in acquiring Toronto Commercial Real Estate. We know that your negotiating strength comes from having property choices. We will strive to create a competitive arena of industrial or office properties and to leverage the most cost effective alternatives with the goal of helping you to negotiate the best possible deal at the most favorable terms. As your service provider we seek to understand your operational, qualitative and financial objectives before engaging in the marketplace. We will also assist in implementing a fully transparent, documented process that will help ensure accountability. We take the lead and help streamline communications which saves you time and removes this burden from your daily responsibilities. Our goal is to build clients for life in the Toronto area by saving them time and money on their commercial real estate transactions. That’s how we put the Tenant first!

Commercial Lease Renewal Negotiation Strategies:  

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